DAFNA'S Revival Bio Active Beauty Mask 50ml
DAFNA'S Revival Bio Active Beauty Mask 50ml

DAFNA'S Revival Bio Active Beauty Mask 50ml

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A unique combination of bio-active ingredients such as Capsulated Charcoal, Hyaluronic Acid, Ginseng and Reishi formulated to transforms your skin, bringing back its vitality. Skin becomes remarkably soft, radiant, hydrated and recovered from daily stressful agents such as free radicals which results in balanced complexation and even look.

REVIVAL mask is based on two bio-active phases: – The first one provides skin with intensive hydration by low-weight- molecules hyaluronic acid, combined with energizing, regenerating skin cells of Ginseng and Reishi. – The second phase activates the capsulated Charcoal, originated from Coco, which effectively “magnetizes” free radicals at the surface of the skin, inhibiting skin oxidation while promoting balanced complexation and even look. Revival bioactive mask is designed for people who live a stressful life style (caused by work, city life, parenthood, lack of sleep etc.) and or need to hydrate and nurture their skin.

The uniqueness of REVIVAL: 1. 3 actions at the same mask: hydrate, nurture and reduces impact of free radicals . 2. Capsulated charcoal maximizes the efficacy of the Charcoal – you active it only when needed to its full power. 3. Does not dry or irritates the skin as other Charcoal masks.